Patisserie Manon the real French Bakery, Pastry and Bistro in Las Vegas.

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Logo Manon
Patisserie Manon is a family business.
Manon being the name of their first daughter.
Managed by
Rachel and Jean-Paul, both renown for their talent in managing bakeries and pastries in Tahiti and Moorea, French Polynesia.
Following their dedication in great flavors, they recently opened two bakeries/pastries in Boulder City and Las Vegas, NV.
Everything is handmade on a daily basis, with natural ingredients, giving their
products an authentic and memorable taste...

Rachel and Jean-Paul:

“ Our Mission at Patisserie Manon is to provide our customers the finest
bakery, cakes, viennoiserie
and other, made with our heart, following our traditions.
We wish you to take this piece of our passion with you and share it with your family, friends and creating the best memories.”